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Industrialization in Paradeep in a Nutshell

Industrialization is not a new thing for humans. It is given a specific period in history even. Ranges from the beginning from medieval Europe before spreading across the entire globe. Humans have been really good with semi-automating processes with the involvement of machinery. As far as India is concerned, it
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Bhitarkanika National Park- A Home to World’s Largest White Crocodiles

Bhitarkanika National Park in Odisha has a huge mangrove biological community, which is spread over a tremendous territory makes it second biggest on the planet.  According to the most recent news reports, it is closed for the overall population and voyagers from May 1 to July 31 for improving and
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Is the Indian Tourism Industry undergoing Digital Transformation?

Tourism industry in India has seen drastic changes in terms of personalisation and has emerged as one of the most path breaking consumer trends across most industries, internationally. The stage of digitisation in this industry has gone beyond economies and the growth and consequences have reached the economy of the
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