What Does it Take To Be A Good Hotel in Dhamra?

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What Does it Take To Be A Good Hotel in Dhamra?

Okay, your immediate response to the title would be Money, of course. But, according to some of the veterans who have been in this industry for more than a few decades now, tell that money and hard work is just scratching the surface. There’s a whole realm of work that goes into the functioning of the hotels and maintaining them accordingly. Today, we decode some of the trade secrets and look closely into how to make things work in your favor.

When it comes to building a hotel empire, it needs to be done with the correct planning, resources and a lot of hard work. Be it hospitality, food or luxury your guests would expect the best of everything. Therefore, before you start to make decisions for good, here are some of the following points that would help you through the process:   


  • Geographical Location of your Hotel: Dhamra is a coastal town, estimated to be one of the biggest ports in India in the next few years, Dhamara port is controlled by Adani Ports and SEZ. Therefore the guests we serve, come from different fields of life – from businessmen to tourists who come to experience Bhitarkanika or the High Seas. So, we focus on 360-degree hospitality where each of the guests coexists with each of their needs answered and met with great luxury.


  • Food and Banquets: Now this would require additional skills and decision making as your guests would look upon and rely completely on your restaurants for their daily meal – so it is really important to make it good. While a lot of people don’t realize the importance of impression building on your guests with the in-house food, but the good food factor is what really drives your customers to come back for more, every time they’re in town. Dhamra offers a rich sea-food cuisine opportunity and Hotel Golden Anchor strives to deliver the same.


  • Sheer Comfort: This is essential for good hotels – services should come with an extra layer of comfort in it. Imagine your guests to be walking down the hallway each time they need warm water to drink, is a complete No-No. Luxury hotels stand on the very principle of comfort and luxury living of guests. And if your guests belong to different industries then you also need to take proper care of their individual requirements as well.


  • Custom Service: As mentioned in the previous point, there need to be personalized services for individuals that they can avail at their wish. For example: If your guest is an entrepreneur who has visited as a guest speaker in a conference, and if the conference starts early, your guests should be provided with the option of cook-to-order breakfast along with the same. Even though you’d need to manage the cost and settle the tariffs accordingly, but believe us this is an investment that would yield you more.


These are some of the points that you need to consider for building an effective hotel empire and starting off good. There would be several building factors on the same including competition from the nearby hotels, location-based reports and also the season and off-season tourists. We shall discuss the same in our next blog!  


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