Industrialization in Paradeep in a Nutshell

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Industrialization in Paradeep in a Nutshell

Industrialization is not a new thing for humans. It is given a specific period in history even. Ranges from the beginning from medieval Europe before spreading across the entire globe. Humans have been really good with semi-automating processes with the involvement of machinery.

As far as India is concerned, it is certain that the pace of industrialization has never stopped since the beginning of the British Era. New industries are popping up from time to time at various locations in India. One such place in Paradeep, the Port town of Odisha.

The lone port town of Odisha until 2011, Paradeep is a spectacular place to set up an industry for a multitude of reasons. However, with the massive rise in automation, the role of humans has changed drastically from Production to Administrative. The distribution of people from former to latter has shifted like anything.
It is not a surprise that people chose and will choose Paradeep in the coming days to set up their industries. It is strategically placed like anything. Odisha has multiple benefits if Paradeep is chosen to be the next big industrial hub in the entirety of India.

Industrialization in Paradeep – A Merry Joyride

In order to speculate, let us look at another example which already exists in India – Ankleshwar District, Gujarat. People might have not heard a lot about this particular place. But, it is for certain that there are around 2000+ industries in this particular district itself. Out of 2000, there are around 1500 Chemical Plants only.

There are multiple reasons why is it so:

  • Strategic position
  • Presence of transport options like Roadways, Railways, Seaways nearby.
  • Presence of a water body nearby etc.

Similarly, when it comes to Paradeep, the similarities are breathtaking. Firstly, it is literally in the middle of everything. The distance of Paradeep from all the deepest corners of the country is equal. It is equidistant from Kanyakumari, Kashmir as well as the Rann of Kutch. Almost all of the country is accessible from Paradeep.

Secondly, there is no dearth to means of transport when it comes to Paradeep. The port town is well connected with roads from Cuttack, the de-facto Financial Capital of Odisha. The town has a road link which is a Marine Drive in fact, to Konark, another scenic destination of Odisha.

The railways have also laid double electrified railway lines from Cuttack (Nearest Railway Junction) to Paradeep for the smooth movement of both passengers as well as freight. The nearest airport is the Bhubaneswar International Airport, only 83 km away. And it is impossible to forget about the Paradeep Port, the first of the state and the first port inaugurated in Independent India.

And finally, who can forget the biggest water body in the entire state itself – River Mahanadi. The river Mahanadi literally meets the ocean forming an estuary at the end of the city. The Paradeep Port is built right beside it as well.

Great Stay for a Productive Cause

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