Star Hotels in Odisha – An Upcoming Market

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Star Hotels in Odisha – An Upcoming Market

The hospitality industry sways left and right when it comes to various changes and alterations. Life in this industry is pretty challenging and always evolving thanks to the daily life challenges they face. When it comes to Star Hotels, the story is pretty much the same.

The state of Odisha has seen a significant rise in the field of tourism and hospitality. Star Hotels are literally on the rise right now. When it comes to the coastal areas, star hotel in Paradeep and Puri is the prime focus currently.

Coastal parts of the state of Odisha are extremely bankable right now. The potential in extracting the most number of tourists specifically lies in these particular areas of Odisha:

  • Coastal Areas
  • Forests
  • Waterfalls and Springs
  • Religious Structures etc.

In order to handle the demand at the coastal areas, a decent star hotel in Paradeep and other coastal towns like Dhamra, Puri, Gopalpur, etc. seems like a considerable possibility. If not for this, there will be a massive trouble in handling the crowd that is actually interested in visiting these places.

The absence of good places to live and have a rest at will eventually kill the hospitality industry before even beginning and blossoming into a full grown market. Entrepreneurs have to take it in their stride and provide people with the best possible facilities.

Star Hotel Features in a Nutshell

There are quite a features that a genuine star hotel would provide you with. These features often embark on pulling people on to the venture. If not for the scale of success, at least for the time being, the features help in getting the star hotel noticed across the board.

The features and amenities provided by a star hotel might be different from one another. But, the bottomline is that there are quite a few prerequisites as well as features that each star hotel must have their hold on.

Otherwise, the audience will not stick around and might even go for a newer and advanced option. If none of the options are working well enough, then eventually the hospitality industry will cease to exist in just a matter of time.

The features that any arbitrary star hotel must have are as follows:

Aesthetics: Aesthetics are a key factor when it comes to any particular institution. As far as a star hotel is concerned, the uniqueness factor plays a crucial role in recognition. No star hotel can have a record of its own without being unique from the existing competitors in the field. The vibe, space and the feel of the hotel is paramount.

Sensuality: This factor is something that is purely misunderstood by a lot of professionals. The term sensuality has nothing to with the physical aspect here. When it comes to tingling the senses of a customer, it means that they are fully satisfied with the outlook of the star hotel. It will drive them into choosing the hotel for the next time as well.

Quality of Service: Sometimes, the service speaks for itself, even more than the look that it possesses from the outside perspective. Consistent, flawless service is something that people expect from visiting a certain star hotel. Even extravagant service is not that appreciated.

Idiomatic Service: Service on a whole is something that gets addressed, obviously. But, when it comes to individualistic service, that triggers the happy mood of quite a few customers. The right amount of attention would make any customer happy in a matter of moments.

Amenities: And finally, the nail in the coffin is hit with incredible facilities and amenities provided by the star hotel. Starting from basic ones such as beds, drawers, lockers, water, etc. to that of the luxury options like Air Conditioners, Geysers, Wireless Internet Connectivity, etc. These are pretty much the staple right now, however, improvements are always expected.

These are the common features of any given star hotel. What more do you think should a star hotel possess? Comment down below.


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