Why Orchid is the Local Favorite Sea-Food Hotel in Paradeep?


Why Orchid is the Local Favorite Sea-Food Hotel in Paradeep?

Paradeep is surrounded by water and a thriving fishing community, so it should come as no surprise that seafood is a local staple. But with so many options, how do you find the best place to grab a bite during your vacation? In-the-know Paradeep netizens recommend Orchid as their local favorite sea-food hotel where they can find all their seafood fix.

The Orchid is situated at Hotel Golden Anchor Paradeep, and has this seafood-centric spot is breezy, bustling and convivial, and emphasizes small plates. On the restaurant’s ever-changing menu, you can easily find dishes like prawn masala, gold coin prawns, crab masala. From taking walk-ins only and tends to be busy most night, so plan accordingly. If there’s a wait, you can just take a quick cocktail and a bite to eat, while the servers shall escort you to your table when it is ready.

Located in the heart of the city, the neighborhood is always buzzing up with visitors and the seafood establishment cooks up local staples like crab, though it offers more than the usual Odia favorites. To make the most of its extensive menu, go with a group and order a variety of oysters, prawns, crabs followed by some small plates and something from the in-house diverse fishes selection. Other must-try dishes include the prawn malai curry, fish fingers, etc.

Summer over Paradeep could hardly be known it from the queue of vacationers and regulars at the Port. While the locals look forward to relishing delicacies of crabs, shrimps, lobsters – this place has earned an independent place in the hearts of locals for its seafood greats.

Today’s culinary landscape is all about organically-local ingredients, farm-to-table cooking. From freshly caught crabs, prawns right from the waters – Orchid makes sure you have the best of it all. Its’ iconic, unfussy and breezy restaurants and great food served with a classic presentation are what makes a restaurant ace its food game.

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