5 Must-Have Dishes That You Got To Try in Paradeep Restaurants


5 Must-Have Dishes That You Got To Try in Paradeep Restaurants

Odisha has always been a signature state with its own unique blend of flavors and spices. Not only the desserts of this state are a delight but also the everyday dishes are sumptuous in their making and taste. Being heavily influenced under the Jagannath temple food culture, the districts of Cuttack, Puri, Khorda and other neighboring districts like Jagatsinghpur has some rich and authentic dishes for you with their own touch of spices. Today, we are discussing some of the local favorite dishes that you have to try at the Paradeep Restaurants:

Starting off with the famous,

Dahi Pakhala:

Paradeep is one of the most relevant ports in India as well as serves as the hub of many industrial centers in India. However, being located on the coastal area Paradeep also gets a fair amount of heat waves throughout the summers. Odisha is known for its record-breaking heat in the summer months and every year hundreds of people die due to heat strokes in Odisha. Therefore, such extreme conditions call for extreme measures. But, don’t worry, Odia people love to have a dynamic flavor in every food they consume. Having said that, Dahi Pakhala is one of the most loved comfort food that saves and restores strength in many people in such harsh summers. A rice porridge served with fresh, thinned yogurt and served with a tadka of curry leaves and mustard seeds. Taken with the sides of fish fries or mashed potatoes – this is the kind of food that makes you feel right at home!

Chhatu Rai:

Chhatu Rai is one of the most nutritious vegetable dish that is popular in Odisha. While the ingredients enrich the taste of the same are turmeric powder and tomato with a bunch of mushrooms cooked in a tangy, delicious mustard paste. While this is often prepared during special occasions, the dish is mostly enjoyed not just in Odia but also across India.

Chingudi Malai:

While the name is enough to suggest the same, this dish is about the sumptuously delicious creamy prawn curry, where the creamy part also comes from the coconut milk. The rich texture of this fantastic dish is also enriched by light and mild spices that adds a unique touch to the same. While being absolutely delightful, mouth-watering and flavorsome! It is best teamed with steaming basmati rice, this is one of the must-try dishes in Odisha.


Pulao is one of the most-loved seasoned rice in Odisha. When sauteed lightly in oil, the rice attains a light golden brown color with the aroma of mixed spices. Depending on specific cultures, the dish is also prepared as a variety including meat, vegetables and dry fruits in some cases. However, Odias particularly love pulao cooked with ghee instead of oil.

Macha Ghanta:

One of the most loved dishes of the Odia cuisine, this authentic Odia food is best served with a steaming pot of rice and ghee. Odias love fish and this dish is the soul food of every household. The interesting part of this dish is that it can be easily made into a vegetarian option by keeping out the fish in the same.


The Odia cuisine is filled with such delightful surprises of flavors and taste in it which are a part of the everyday household, which is both healthy and sumptuous at the same time. Paradeep being situated at the coastal belt of Odisha, offers numerable options of various dishes that would leave you yearning for more!  For living the experience, visit the Orchid restaurant in Hotel Golden Anchor Paradeep.


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