Why Winters is the Best Time to Have Seafood in Paradeep?


Why Winters is the Best Time to Have Seafood in Paradeep?

Why Winters is the Best Time to Have Sea Food in Paradeep?

There is an old saying that says you should only eat oysters in months with an ‘R’ as in September to April. There’s a reason to why it is called seafood – it should always smell like the sea! Imagine yourself sitting on the beach and closing your eyes, as a gentle breeze blows and you can smell the salty air.

Sea Food

Fishes have always been an important source of vitamins, protein, minerals, and are even prescribed by nutritionists across the world as it contains Omega-3s essential for good body metabolism and is low in saturated fat. It has been studied and proven that eating seafood helps in preventing heart attacks and strokes, lower blood pressure and even helps in warding off depression. But apart from all of that, it’s an entirely different feeling of enjoying during the winters.

Here are some of the reasons why seafood is more enjoyable in winters:

  • For its rich flavor: Winters is known for its bitter cold and dry winds, but when it comes to Indian cuisine, fishes are prepared in a way that enhances its taste and flavor.

  • Reasonable price: Beach hotels have a high reputation for its fresh fish dishes and they are not expensive too.

  • Multiple options: Several hotels have opened a seafood hut next door for easy eating with multiple choices, and it certainly hits the spot.

  • Freshly served: The fish here comes straight from Paradeep port to kitchen, served to plate. Hence needless to mention, these are equally healthy and tasty as well, and this is the reason why foodies also love them on their plates as well.

So take the opportunity of investigating the best seafood hotel in Paradeep to have until spring comes back around!

Sea Food Restaurant

Nowadays, it is possible to find all the best fish dishes in every region. Every fish market provides varieties of fishes to satisfy every taste and preference.

Some of the health benefits of having seafood are:

  • Good For The Heart

  • Stronger Joints

  • Brighter Eyes

  • Glowing Skin

  • Controls Sugar Level

  • Increases Thinking Power

Seafood has a less amount of salt. Consumption of seafood in our daily diet and especially fish items are essential for health and is also affordable at the same time.

So, that’s all for now and let us know in the ‘Comments’ below about your most loved seafood dish. And if you’re in Paradeep and reading this, or have been to Paradeep rate the seafood restaurants in Paradeep for others to check out the best places for sure!


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