What makes Bhitarkanika Hotels special than others?


What makes Bhitarkanika Hotels special than others?

Bhitarkanika is known for its lush green mangroves, migratory birds and Olive Ridley turtles, giant crocodiles, meandering waters and its tranquility that is sublime in the airs. The surroundings have an embracing ambiance with the sweet chirpings of birds and the occasional sound of boats coming through the waters of this majestic national park. Not long ago, most of the people weren’t aware of being next to India’s second largest mangrove forest. But thanks to the Odisha tourism and the Government’s conscious efforts, every year thousands of scientists, scholars, nature lovers, tourists visit Bhitarkanika for its exploration and getting aware of the same. Represented by ‘The Bhitarkanika National Park’, ‘The Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary,’ and ‘The Gahirmatha Marine Sanctuary’ – Bhitarkanika has now been a tourist hub in recent times.  

With an increase in the number of tourists visiting Bhitarkanika, there has been a sudden splurge in the need for luxury living and catering tourists to having a memorable trip. While Bhitarkanika is located in the north-east region of Kendrapara district in the state of Odisha in eastern India, it can be accessed through many entry points – be it via Bhadrakh or via the forest check road in Khola and Gupti. The nearest cities to Bhitarkanika are Chandbali, Rajkanika, Dhamra – and all these towns have direct access to it. Though there are few hotels in the area that deliver the tourists with a comfortable stay, in the peak tourist season from December to February, these places are usually packed and can be a pain if you haven’t booked yourself rooms beforehand. This uneven rise in the tourists not only ask for more luxury hotels in the area but also pose a threat to the ecological stability of Bhitarkanika. This can affect both the wildlife and the flora in the area since the presence of such a vital preserve requires the right balance of the conscious tourists and the concerned hotel management.

Across the world, there are only a few handfuls of places where the people and wildlife coexist together, providing and looking out for each other. Bhitarkanika has till this day, remained as a haven for wildlife for and the locals who also get benefitted from the booming tourism industry. Therefore, through conscious efforts can this place be preserved from harm and from the looks of it, the hotel management can play the vital role in the same and encourage both the locals and the tourists alike. Here are a few ways in which this movement can be started:


  • Going for Energy-Saving Technology:


While there have been reports that more than 75 percent of hotels’ environmental impacts can be related to excessive consumption – through energy consumption. While energy conservation is the way to go about it.


  • Say ‘Yes’ to Recycling:


Hotels create a huge amount of waste, from paper napkins to plastic waste. There are certain changes that hotels need to make from cloth laundry bags to recyclable cutlery and tablecloths. In this way, the chances of possible threats to the wildlife decrease – paving a way for a sustainable environment for the future.


  • Encouraging the Tourists:


Well, while this step can take a lot of time to execute, but once it is done for good it would be much easier for the hotels to maintain sustainable development. For those hotels looking to do, even more, consider loaning or renting bicycles to guests, or look into installing a bike-sharing station.

These are few of the ways what makes Bhitarkanika Hotels special compared to others and therefore can play a huge role in ensuring the preservation of the wildlife in this area. We’re delighted to share that Hotel Golden Anchor, Dhamara strives to deliver them a luxurious and memorable stay as well as strives to make it green for the flora and fauna.


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