The Top 10 Beaches in Odisha

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The Top 10 Beaches in Odisha

Top 10 odisha beaches

As soon as we hear the word ‘beach’, the first thing that comes to our mind is sunny mornings, calm blue waters and spread-out benches apt for picnics or just relaxing on the beach. But unlike any other state, Odisha having a coastline of 485 kilometres, has some amazing off-beat beaches that are perfect for a quiet, laid-back and detoxifying weekend away from the city.

1. Puri Beach

puri beach

Image Credits: Patra Tours and Travels

We know what you must be wondering. Puri Beach is rather crowded! Well, not if you know the right place to go. Known for its beautiful waves, windy shores embedded with seashells and sand dunes, this beach is also popular for its religious relevance locally termed as ‘saradhabali’ meaning the sea of devotees that assembles each year at Puri Jagannath Temple during the festival of Rath Yatra.

2. Rushikulya Beach, Ganjam

rushikulya beach

Image Credits: Heritage Tours Orissa

A beach that calls out the nature-loving and wandering souls across the planet for a scenic vacation. Rushikulya Beach is also the nesting ground of thousands of Olive Ridley Turtles that arrive in the winter months. We recommend experiencing the beautiful sunsets of this beach with a book in your hand or with your favourite person in the world.

3. Chandrabhaga Beach


Image Credits: Creative Odisha

One interesting fact about this beach is the tidal phenomenon can be caught and experienced for several hours in the daytime. Because of the low tides the water recedes, making the beach bare except for sea-shells embedded in the sand that you can collect as you walk farther away into the sea, before the water comes back. Locals, therefore call the beach as the ‘Vanishing Beach’ and is a popular weekend picnic spot.

4. Astaranga Beach

astaranga beach

Image Credits: Creative Odisha

This beach is for the wandering souls who love to seek new places and new experiences. Known for the colorful sunsets that has a faceted glory to it all, this beach in Odisha is pretty popular mostly among solo-travellers. Having an indigenous fishing community on the shore, you can also enjoy an experience of fishing with them if you’re lucky!

5. Gopalpur Beach

gopalpur beach

Image Credits: Patra Tours And Travels

This beach has a certain exotic charm that is unique to Gopalpur. From various fun activities like Surfing, Sailing and Waterbike ride apart from just sunbathing and sandcastles on the beach. Raws of palm and coconut trees has a relaxing aura to this blue waters and sandy beach.

6. Aryapalli Beach

gopalpur beach

Image Credits:

A beach that has a stretched shore-line with a sight to behold as the sun disappears into the sea during the sunset. Perfect for long-walks, camping and yes, of course lots of relaxing. And, if you’re willing to make new friends you can always visit the nearby fishermen villages to learn about their lives.

7. Paradeep Beach

paradeep beach

Image Credits: Beaches Of India

This beach has a bed of soft rocks against the backdrop of a beautiful confluence of the river Mahanadi into the Bay of Bengal. Sometimes some tourists have also witnessed dolphins dancing in the waters as they click pictures with cargo ships moving in the horizon at the background.

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8. Talasari Beach

talasari beach

Image Credits: Holidify

This beach is for the solitude seeking souls who would love sitting on the shore, looking into the sea for hours. With rows of palm trees, coconut trees and sand dunes, it also has hardly any tourists around to break your trance. Situated on the Bengal-Odisha border, once you’ve been here, it leaves you satiated until you come back.

9. Bhitarkanika Beach


Image Credits: Odisha Rajya

Fewer people know that there’s an actual beach at Bhitarkanika National Park that looks complete ethereal! It has a therapeutic effect on every traveller who comes here for a retreat from the chaotic city life.

10. Baleshwar Beach

baleswar beach

Image Credits: TripAdvisor

This is a beach you can wake up to for its breathtaking sunrises and picturesque backdrop. Unique for its slumbering feel, the Baleswar Beach is situated a few kilometres from the main town and is apt for washing your stress away.

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