Seafood You Mustn’t Miss in Paradeep


Seafood You Mustn’t Miss in Paradeep

Seafood You Mustn’t Miss in Paradeep

Paradeep- a city that is filled with sunny beaches, cargo ships and of course tasty food. The Odia cuisine has a rich variety of dishes and texture that is an absolute delight for every foodie across the world. So, here’s a rundown of the must have dishes you need to try when you’re in Paradeep:

1. Chingudi Dalma:

Chingudi Dalma

Dalma is the ultimate comfort food of all Odias that would leave you wanting more at the end. This dish has everything – from prawns, vegetables, chillies and all things magical. After having the first gulp down your throat, you’d know why people love to eat it everyday!

2. Macha Besara:

Macha Besara

Macha Besara is a delicious Odia dish that contains the perfect mixture of spices and ingredients that makes it a flavour-bomb. With fried fishes cooked in a chilly paste, mustard and sauce. Best for rainy days, this dish is the favourite of all seafood lovers.

3. Chingudi Ghanta:

Chingudi Ghanta

Chingudi Ghanta – now this is a seafood that is more or less the Odia equivalent of ‘Sarson Da Saag’ if it carried prawns and shrimps. A staple, tasty and one of the most loved dishes in every Odia household, Paradeep serves it very well throughout the city.

4. Kankada Jhola:

Kankada Jhola

Okay, this is by far the most popular dish in Paradeep city. Most of the tourists prefer to have it when they’re in Paradeep. And why shouldn’t they? After all the freshly-caught crabs of Paradeep are also a rarity and these are what tourists come looking for.

5. Ilisi Macha Tarkari: