5 Reasons To Visit Paradeep Sea Beach in Winter!

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5 Reasons To Visit Paradeep Sea Beach in Winter!

For those who love beaches, they’re always looking for a reason to go back in the sun and have fun with their loved ones. Paradeep is amongst the few cities along the coastline that enjoys the privilege of being a beach town in the eastern coast of Odisha, India. That being said, here are some of the very best reasons, why you should consider taking the much-awaited winter vacation and visit the Paradeep beach to make it memorable for you:

1. For those Deserted Beach Time

Deserted Beach Time

Others might not understand the same, but for beach lovers, there’s nothing similar to the feeling of the long alone time in the beach where there’s only you to be as long as you want in the warm water as well as collect all the shells as you can. In the winters, deserted beaches are awfully beautiful because of its picturesque appeal and beautiful sunsets.

2. Delightful Deals

Delightful Deals

Since it is the off-season for tourists to visit the beaches during the winter, you can expect a lot of alluring offers on various hotels, and Hotel Golden Anchor Paradeep offers you exclusive discounts to transform your holiday into the most-loved memory of a lifetime.

3. The Local Touch

The Local Touch

Well, for everyone in the world who’s aware of the Gahirmatha Beach that it is the world’s biggest breeding grounds for the Olive Ridley Turtles, and according to the calendar, December to March is the perfect time for watching the nesting to take place. It would get you an entirely new perception about beaches and how something so natural could be so beautiful!

4. A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place

Generally, people opt for beach vacations to sit down and relax but when there’s a crowd nearby, people often forget entirely about the former. But, in winters all your relaxation is guaranteed as one of the perks of being the off-season.

5. Romantic Affair

Romantic Affair

Okay, so beach vacations are romantic, but especially in the winters, there’s an extra layer of closeness to it. Apart from having the entire beach to yourself, you can also enjoy the gentle chilly breeze at the beach wrapped together in a blanket with your partner as the evening sun goes down. You can try out some swimming together in the waters giving you the feels!

It’s true that hotels in Paradeep are most preferred during the summers given it’s the peak time for the tourists to visit and explore this quiet town, but during the winters the real fun lies in the alone time that you get being an off-season traveler!


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