3 Reasons How Luxury Hotels in Paradeep Can Teach About Exceptional Customer Service

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3 Reasons How Luxury Hotels in Paradeep Can Teach About Exceptional Customer Service

Paradeep is known for its industrial estate and a business population that has a long day of business meetings, sightseeing or catching up with old friends and travelers appreciate arriving at a comfortable and luxurious hotel room. Though there are many luxury hotels in the area, it is about going the extra mile in delivering exceptional customer experience to the entrepreneurial mass.

  1. Attention to Detail:
Beautiful pillow on bed decoration in bedroom interior

The hospitality industry has done some of the most impressive things that no other industry could even think of. From the setting up of toiletries to the thoughtful placement of furniture, the hotel staff has paid attention to the minor details that enhance the quality of your stay. While customers testify to the need of an iPad, a coffee machine and complimentary water bottles in their rooms, these needs may seem superfluous, the phenomenon of making your guests feel right at home is great.

     2. Personalized Experiences:

In order to keep the services of the guests effective, there are certain hotels that have taken things to the next level. For example, Accor hotels, the largest hotel group in Europe, started a new customer recognition program where the staff checked the guests’ social media profiles to learn their interest and use the same accordingly:

For the guests who love fishing, an eco-friendly trip to the San Diego Bay while for the guests who love luxury cars, they awarded a certificate to drive a Ferrari and Lamborghini.  

3. Going the extra mile:

Hotels entertain a lot of different types of guests and amongst them are a lot of children who are one of the best critiques of the services and facilities. From going recreational for the children by having a splurging play area as well as a great evening for the parents to enjoy by themselves.

Hotels are known for their hospitality and exceptional acts of generosity that no money can buy. Not only this becomes a treasured memory forever in the hearts of your guests, but also helps you build a stronger relationship with your guests in the long term. And, if you’re a fan of such acts of kindness, visit Hotel Golden Anchor in Paradeep where we strive to deliver quality along with smiles.


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